Day 5

Posted: June 13, 2010 in Hall of Fame Posts, Trev in LA Boot Camp

The weekends are huge for Sushi Central because people all over LA hire them to come cater private parties and events. Today we had to events to do. To prepare for the madness we were up and in the restaurant by 8am. I scrapped tuna for a few hours and made 8 batches of sushi rice. When everything was in place and ready to go Phillip informed me that it was just be me and him catering the private party out in New Port beach. “Are you ready for this I just need you to make rolls and I’ll handle the rest,” he reached under the shelf and pulled out sushi knife and handed it to me. “Tonight you are a sushi chef,” he said as he handed the knife to me.

New Port beach was about a 45 min drive from our restaurant, which was just the perfect amount of time for me to get nervous as hell. Going in I had no idea what to expect, the only thing that I knew for sure was that 40 people would be depending on me to make their sushi rolls and at that point my lifetime roll count was about 11.5  (if you count the spaghetti and meat ball roll Shaan and I tried to make earlier this year). We arrived at this huge beach mansion and began setting up. Once we had everything out I began rolling, roll after roll I could see my technique getting better. 20 rolls in I felt like a pro and would look around to see if people were watching this sushi making mastery in action, they weren’t. This was by far the perfect opportunity for me to practice and it would have never happened unless Phillip had trusted/allowed me to be in this position. About an hour into the party the host brought us over a couple of bottles of saki that Phillip and I had no problem polishing off.

Catering was too fun. I felt important behind that sushi bar acting like I knew what I was doing. Once the ladies there had a little alcohol in them things got a little nuts. Let’s set the scene. Beach house mansion part. 35 40-50 year old women who act like they should be from Couger Town or Desperate Housewives. Next thing I know Phillip and I are being dragged to the dance floor by a whole herd of these women. We were the hit of the party they would push each other out of the way to dance with us, they couldn’t get enough of the “sushi guys.”. After awhile we were starting to get dirty looks from their husbands who were watching from the side so we decided to pack up and leave before we got jumped. As we were driving home we laughed and joked about our theories about women, life and how to play blackjack. What a blast. It was the perfect way to let loose after a week of grinding away in the kitchen.

Lesson time. As entrepreneurs we have a tendency to get so wrapped up in what we are doing and planning how things will work down the road that we forget  to enjoy the here and the now. Yes you have to set your visions on the future, but don’t forget to take a step back and take sometime to enjoy the present. You are doing what everyone says that they want to do. Realize how lucky you are and have fun chasing your dreams.


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