Day 10

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Trev in LA Boot Camp

Today I was a sushi chef. I worked behind the sushi bar from 12pm-10:30pm. The restaurant was ridiculously busy so I was constantly making rolls. It was far the best teaching experience I have had so far. Anyone can do something when there is no pressure and they have plenty of time to think things through, but I believe the best learning occurs when you are under stress, don’t really know what you’re doing and have to do everything on the fly. That’s exactly what last night was. I was making rolls that I had never heard of. Phillip, Dino and I were like a sushi making machine as the orders began to pile up. At one point I was making 6 rolls at once while the waitress badgered me to get the order out. That pressure is what you have to love and thrive on. And that is the best way to learn anything.  A lot of “pressure” that people feel in a given task is mostly self inflicted. If you can find away to take a step back and realize that nothing that you are doing in that particular moment is going to make or break the world. By looking at the bigger picture you can get rid of that feeling of “pressure” and just do your thing.  If you are someone who can do this, and in doing so work or even thrive in pressure situations, people will know that they can always depend on you in any situation.

By the end of the night everyone was worn out but from the hectic day. However, there was a table of girls celebrating a birthday. So of course we had to entertain. Out came the saki, and the fun began. It was great to relax and laugh with the whole restaurant staff. After clean up we headed out to a bar to continue the fun. I was talking to a girl at the bar and she saw my Duke ID in my wallet. She screamed and told me about how she is the biggest Duke fan and wanted to marry JJ, you know the whole spiel. Then the unexpected. She turns around and in front of the whole bar she pulls up her dress to show a perfectly crafted Duke “D” tattoo right in the middle of her left butt cheek…what are the odds. I wonder if the tattoo artist felt any pressure when he had to do that?


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