Day 9

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Trev in LA Boot Camp

Today Phillip and I were downtown at the fish markets at 6am. The place was absolutely nuts. They get all of their fish flown in from Japan each morning. To get the good stuff you have to be there early. For the first hour it’s a free for all as all the restaurant owners battle for the best fish. Phillip and I picked up some salmon, tuna, live sweet shrimp, live miniature crabs, and a couple barracuda. After the fish market we went to some restaurant whole sale stores and looked at pricing of all the appliances that we will be using in the restaurant.

We got back to Sushi Central at 10. Things were a little slow at first and I was just hanging out behind the sushi  bar. I was deep in thought about what uniforms we will wear when we work at Sabi when a big ol dude walked through the door and goes “gimme some miso soup and some suuuuushii!.” It was Craig Robinson, for all you Office fans out there Craig is the one and only Darryl. Apparently Craig is a regular at Sushi Central, he knew each person by name and even had a little joke for each one. Finally he asked “so who’s the new cat?” pointing at me. I told him I was from North Carolina and he cut me off. “Ohhh you one of those college kids trying to start Sabi, Phillip was telling me about you guys.” He ordered some salmon sushi and a spicy tuna roll. I sprang into action on the roll, acting like it was no big deal that a celebrity was sitting at the bar. I was careful to make this one perfect, and I will say that it was one of my top 3 greatest rolls of all time.

After his meal he said “man if ya’ll can serve sushi like this Sabi is gonna kill.” Craig couldn’t have been more right. For the next hour he sat and chatted up everyone at the restaurant and finished up his sushi, what a a great guy. After he left I texted all of my Office loving friends to tell them that I just made sushi for Darryl.

After he left the restaurant slowed down a bit so Phillip decided it was time to test my adventures side. He started off with one his signature dishes live sweet shrimp. Now this doesn’t sound too bad until you realize what is going on. First he told me to go into the fridge and grab him one. I opened the box and saw this 5 huge shrimp floating in the water. I reached in to grab one but he jumped and squirmed away and scared the shit out me haha. Finally after a few tries I wrestled one of the suckers down and brought it out for Phillip. Live sweet shrimp is served in 3 stages:

  1. The brain and liver. Phillip breaks off the head of the shrimp and the brain and liver fall out. He gives the head to the kitchen and puts the brain and liver into a shot glass. He squeezes some lemon into the glass and hands it to me. “Enjoy Trev!” Inside I was scared but decided to act like it was no big deal and I took the shot like a champ. Not bad not bad.
  2. He scoops out all of the meet from the shell and serves it like normal shrimp. Delicious.
  3. Next came the head, with the eyes still intact, back from the kitchen. They fry it up and put it in a soup. It tasted great but I couldn’t get over the little black eye ball staring at me.

After the shrimp he hit me with a some squid. Then a bunch of different kinds of fish. He finished me off with a piece of jelly fish. I felt like I was on fear factor. As we cleaned up Phillip said  “Impressive effort.” I guess I passed the test, we’ll see how I feel later on tonight haha. For now, we will have a little more simple menu at Sabi, it might be awhile until we bust out the jelly fish roll.


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