Day 11

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Trev in LA Boot Camp

What a great game. And what a great place to be to watch it. The restaurant was too fun. Customers were there but they realized that we had to enjoy the game too. Food was only prepared during the long TV timeouts and at halftime. Craig Robinson was there again and brought a couple of his friends to watch the game. We would go crazy over every play, it was great to be around people that wanted the Lakers to win even more than I did.

It’s official, I am now a sushi chef; last night I completed my right of passage twice. I sliced my finger. The first one I caught the tip of my thumb, the second was a slice right down the side of my middle finger. But this was a great teaching point. Immediately the cuts begin to bleed everywhere but you have orders to make. A band aid won’t cut, because it will fall off when you handle the rice and dip your hands in the water…Behold the power of the finger condom. These little guys were an absolute lifesaver. Whenever you cut yourself in the line of battle just slip one on (remember, make sure it looks like a sombrero before you roll it down, if not remove, discard and try again) and you are back in action in no time.

Sabi will be the first restaurant to decorate finger condoms; we may cut our fingers, but never our style.


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