Posted: June 21, 2010 in Trev in LA Boot Camp

Wow. 2 weeks have already passed. I just read through the 200 pages of notes that I have taken, its amazing all of the things that I have done and experienced.

On Saturday Phillip, his wife and I catered a party at a Jewish temple for 400 people. We worked out of a small corner in their kitchen. We prepped for 6 hrs slicing hundreds of cucumbers and avocados and mixing pounds of spicy tuna. It was a great experience for me because when it came time to actually make the rolls we used an assembly line (exactly what we will be doing in Sabi) so I was able to see what things could make things easier in our store and what steps take the most time. We served at the party for a couple of hours. I have never seen people go so crazy of sushi. We had to make more of everything and that still wasn’t enough. Sabi needs to find these people and open up a restaurant in their neighborhood, business would thrive!

Sunday was a day off and I spent it watching the US Open and yelling at Tiger. At night I played with Phillip’s daughters and showed them the secret Ragan Family magic tricks. We late nighted at Subway then watched Kill Bill 2. For the past 2 weeks this family has really opened up and welcomed me as part of the family and has made this experience that much more amazing. I mean think about months ago we saw Phillip on the Food Network, we cold called him to discuss our idea. After a month of discussions we flew him out to Duke for a couple of days. Now here he is letting me live at his house and work in his restaurant for 2 weeks. Absolutely amazing. It was exactly what needed to happen for Sabi Sushi. Now we know how to turn all of our plans and dreams into realities.

This past 2 weeks wasn’t easy at all. In fact it was one of the harder things that I’ve ever had to do. I learned how to live in the grind of the restaurant industry. I was in the restaurant 13-14hrs a day but my mind was on the restaurant 24/7. I was put in situations where I had no clue what I was doing, but from this experience I learned so much: I learned how to work under pressure. I learned how to lead and get the most out of people. I learned how to become part of, and work in a team. I learned how to make rice, slice fish, wash dishes, etc…I can’t thank Phillip, his family, and the Sushi Central crew enough for welcoming me in, letting me be part of the family, and showing me what it’s going to take to actually do this.

Next up for Sabi Sushi:

We are going to pack up and leave Durham at the end of the month. From there we will go check out some possible locations in Chicago for a few days. Then, off to Lander, WY for the 4th of July! (by far the best place to be in the entire world for the 4th of July weekend. We’ll then head down to Colorado where we will set up shop for a few weeks and search for more locations. Shaan will be headed out here to go through his 2 week Boot Camp and Dan will follow.

We are putting in the hours. We are doing the research.. We are training and learning from the best in the industry. Our foundation is starting to come together, and it couldn’t be stronger. Sabi Sushi is right on track.


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