On The Road Again

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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While nothing beats the views of the city from Lakeshore Drive, unfortunately Sabi had to leave Chicago this week and continue on our search for the perfect location. We got a lot of great data during our two weeks in Chicago, and will definitely be considering the Windy City when making the final choice for Sabi’s first location. More importantly, we are all pretty sad to be leaving Zoe (the Sabi company dog) and our temporary home in Evanston, IL. Isabelle will probably not be missed…

Zoe Bear

Anyway, we left town on Tuesday and headed west towards Colorado. Trevor made the drive earlier in the month so he got to fly  back to CO – that left Shaan and me to cross the Mississippi and drive through Iowa and Nebraska. Similar to Lewis and Clark, Shaan self-described us as Pocahontas and John White (John Smith?) The highlight of our drive had to be our visit to the Prairie Meadows Casino & Racetrack – I got wiped out very quickly, but Shaan did pretty well for himself at the poker tables.

Around 2am Shaan and I hit the craps tables…3 signs that you shouldn’t still be gambling:

  1. You hit the casino dealer with the dice (two times)
  2. You are the only two people left in the casino
  3. You are gambling for the sole purpose of getting a complimentary room (and you find out later there is no hotel in that casino in the first place)

While I still ended up down for the night, I had a pretty legend (wait for it) dary roll and recovered some of my losses before heading to the Motel 6 in Altoona, IA.

The next morning we left Iowa and began our drive through Nebraska. I will now use the rest of this paragraph to sum up what Nebraska is like…

After leaving Nebraska we drove into Colorado. While we considered making a detour to the Four Corners Monument, we received a lesson in Colorado geography when we discovered we were literally at the complete opposite corner of the state. We arrived in Greeley, CO after a two day road trip and met Trevor’s Aunt Patty and her cat Chili. After sleeping on a couch for the past two weeks I can’t even begin to describe how awesome it was to sleep on a real bed.

I head to train with Phillip next Thursday so we have a lot of ground to cover in the Colorado area before I leave for Los Angeles. As always, we invite anyone in the Colorado area that thinks they can help to reach out to us. As a reward you can meet Zoe or Chili the Cat…speaking of cats, I leave you with this:



  1. sabisushi says:

    You miss me Dan. You’re just angry that no one will stand up against mayo with you anymore. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon enough.

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