ARCOROC Sets the Table

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve always said, it’s better to be lucky than good…and damn, it’s good to be lucky.

About 6-months ago, I was up late, it was 4am and I couldn’t sleep because I was feeling a little anxious about the progress of our restaurant. When things get stagnant, or too complicated, you’ve gotta take a step back, so instead of researching our real estate, legal, or funding issues, I just googled:

“How To Make a Restaurant”

sure enough…

Hmm..Tell us your story? If there’s one thing we’ve got going for us, it’s that we’ve got a story.  Everybody loves the underdog right? Rudy? Hoosiers? Airbud? I’ll let you pick the comparison, but no matter how you slice it, the advantage of not having experience/money/skill is that if you somehow succeed, it makes for a solid story.

But the reality is, most of what we’ve accomplished has nothing to do with us or any special talents. Our success is attributed to a massive amount of help from people who do have skills, experience, and money.

Although this contest was designed to showcase the fancy tableware that belongs to Arcoroc, I figured I’d give it a shot and apply. Nothing happened for about 6-months, and then out of the blue I got a called saying that we’re semi-finalists in the contest…wait, what!

In the next round of the contest, it started to look bad. They loved our story and passion, but our fast-casual concept featuring environmentally friendly containers wasn’t exactly the smart choice for them to showcase their fine tableware.

However, they seemed like a great group of people, so after talking with them on the phone, I had a funny feeling that things would work out.

Sure enough, a few weeks later, I found myself sitting across the table from Tim Aid and Darcy Redditt, as they showed us their new Zenix product line (really sweet. great shape, super durable with their new tech.) Although we didn’t become the next Arcoroc Original by winning the contest, they loved our team, and wanted to give us a little help with the start-up costs of the restaurant. On top of their generosity, giving us our tableware needs of the first restaurant for free, they were just great people to have around. We traded fishing stories when I realized that here I was, kickin’ it with a few top level executives of Cardinal Int’l and TRSA. We’ve been so fortunate to not only get some really great tableware for our restaurant, but also to meet some genuinely awesome people like Tim and Darcy (a big shout-out to you guys!)

My Captain Crunch tasted even better out of the Zenix sampler bowl, so I owe you one!

For anyone in the industry check out the amazing products by the biggest and best in the business:



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