Do What You Do.

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

– Trev –

Today, while Dan was doing his thing at Noodles & Co., Shaan and I decided to visit some of our potential locations. It was a perfect day out, people were everywhere, everything was great. We stopped to grab a bite to eat and discuss our options and plan of attack. While we were downing our delicious cuisine and pondering the biggest decision of our life we noticed something strange…

Outside of one of our locations there were two business men with notebooks looking through the window…They had that look about them. The look we know all to well. ‘Location Hunters’…They were our competition, no doubt about it. One of them had a packet of papers in his hand and casually tossed them in the trash can before he headed down the street. Nobody, I mean nobody, drinks Sabi’s Kool-aid. There is just know way we could let a competitor just walk right into our locations, we had to know what was on those papers, it was time to investigate…

– Shaan –

As soon as those papers dropped into the trashcan, we knew that our level of espionage was about to go from Inspector Gadget to James Bond…no more amateur eavesdropping, it was time for a little dumpster diving.

Lesson 133: A good teammate always watches (and takes a picture of) his boy doing the dirty work.

– Trev –

We are both competitive guys. In fact, that competitive nature is what inspired The Duel. I had to know what these guys were up to. I reached into the trashcan and pulled out the 10 page, chili-dog covered, document. My heart sank, there were diagrams, graphs, write-ups and outlines. I scrapped away some of the sauce and beans and realized I was holding an elementary science fair project about the effect of sunlight on plant growth…I wasn’t even relieved that it wasn’t plans for a big restaurant chain competitor. I was just mad at the guy for throwing away his kid’s project, what a bad dad!

– Shaan –

After discussing the important findings (plants need sunlight!!!) of the paper, we realized how low we’d sunk, snooping around, digging through trash because we feared a little competition.

Now there’s no better time to re-examine your life than when you’re covered in chili-dog. Although I loved that we were willing to do anything to get the job done, this isn’t how we should do things. We have to focus on the vision, the issues, the problems and solutions…the mission at hand, not the competition.

Everyday we read articles or get calls about other big players in the industry recognizing the market opportunity for a concept like Sabi. We know this. Whether its today or tomorrow, there will be imitators following our lead after open up shop. So we’ve adopted a little motto for ourselves…It’s the one thing we never erase from our whiteboard. We see it everyday. Forget about what’s been done in the past. Forget about what the competition is doing.


– Trev n Shaan –

  1. Lisa says:

    You guys are too funny! I love the new motto- DO WHAT YOU DO!


  2. sabisushi says:

    Thanks Lisa. Hope all is well!

  3. TheCrimsonMoose says:


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