The Duel

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is why we duel.

A couple weeks ago we depressed everyone with our “sad blog” about how stressful things were getting around. Well, we came up with an idea to lighten the mood.

It started last week at a “marketing meeting” (aka…Shaan and I sitting on the couch, playing catch with a nerf football, and making fun of other companies boring marketing campaigns.)

We saw how all these restaurants and business’ try to use Facebook to “connect” with their customers. But in the end “connecting” often ends up being endless spam-updates from the business about their “new soup and sandwich combo!” their “focus on the environment!” or how we should all drop everything and come “check out our new potatoes!”

Every restaurant does the same thing, and it’s so…boring. Using fresh ingredients, caring about the environment, and having great menu items should be the standard, not breaking news.

We decided to use our Facebook page to give everyone an inside look at the goofy things we do everyday to lighten the mood. This isn’t our big marketing campaign. It’s just us turning the camera on during the breaks we take during the day. Shaan and I are super competitive, and have always been since we were randomly assigned to live together freshman year. We’ve been doing this for 5 years now, and figured it was time to start keepign score. People have asked how we don’t go crazy, living and starting a business together, and to you people all we can say is that sometimes, all you need is a little rap battle therapy…Having fun goes a long way towards success. and for those of you with normal jobs or in school, we hope that we can make you laugh with a one minute video everyday, even if we look silly in the process. And if you’re enjoying it, comment on the video to submit a challenge, and we’ll give it a shot. 

We call it The Duel. It launched about a week ago. We posted this  video on our Fanpage.


We asked all of our friends to comment with their ideas for the challenges. The response has been amazing. So far we’ve brushed our teeth with wasabi, ate a full sleeve of saltine crackers and even had a rap battle (All videos can be found on the Fanpage). Each day we recieve more and more ridiculous challenges. Each night, after we finish our work, we pick a challenge and battle it out to the end. Are we going to look stupid? Most likely…Will people think that the videos are as funny as we do? Probably not…Will I win? Definitely.*

Either way, we decided that rather than pretend to be something else, we’re just going to turn on the camera, and
do what we do.

*Editor’s note: Shaan disagrees. so does Jack Daniels


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