It’s not illegal…it’s just frowned upon

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

What up world,

We’ve been on our grizzy (that’s for you Wheezy) pretty hard lately, so I haven’t had much time to write. Things are going great out here in the mountains. Can’t really tell you much more, but you’ll be hearing all about it real soon.

On Sunday we’re headed to Las Vegas for an all expense paid restaurant conference…sucks, I know. While we are there we’ll get to meet some of the big dogs in the industry and hear some amazing talks. We’d like to thank John Hamburger and everyone at The Franchise Times for hooking us up with such an amazing opportunity. Last semester at Duke, Dan actually sent them an email asking about this conference. They loved our story and said as long as they could write an article about us they would let us come to the conference, free of charge…That will go down in history as not only the best deal ever, but the easiest decision we’ve ever had to make.

The last time the three of us were together on a gambling expedition tears were shed and lives were nearly lost. Grab a cold drink and maybe even a snack, it’s story time…

It was Sophomore year of College and we had just got done watching the movie 21. By the time the credits were over we had already schemed out our own elaborate plan to make millions counting cards just like the famous MIT students. That night we stayed up Googling “how to count cards” and “closest casino to Durham, NC.” By 5am we thought we pretty much had it down and had located our target, a small riverboat casino in South Carolina.

Might as well call it the Titanic cause we were going to sink that bad boy

The plan was rock solid. I was the counter. My job was to sit at the table, place a minimum bet and keep track of the count. If the count ever got to minus 8 I was supposed to signal Shaan. By then I had a week of practice under my belt so I felt pretty damn confident about my skills. I channeled my inner Rainman… “plus two, plus three, minus one, minus four, minus eight, oh shit! minus eleven!!” It was time to signal in the high roller, Mr. Certner, himself.

Blog Cameo from Shaan:

My job was to be the supervisor of the operation. I had to keep track of Trevor at the Table, the pit boss lurking around, and Dan, who was pretending to drink alcohol as part of his High Roller act (his drink of choice was an Appletini, as you might have guessed, he was the Brad Pitt of our Ocean’s 3 routine).

I saw the signal from Trev (a super exaggerated yawn, even though it was 2pm) and knew that meant the deck was hot. Dan strolled over to the table and got ready to whip out our full big bankroll of $200. Unfortunately, while he was making a big show of it (licking his thumb before separating the two hundred dollar bills from a few Denny’s recipts in his wallet) and in the mean time, a guy at the end of the table kept hitting and ended up using up all of our “hot” cards.

Dan was too far in the High Roller zone to see our frantic attempts to signal him to stop betting, and put the full two hundo in the betting circle for the next hand…

Back to Trev:

We had two different sayings that basically meant “Dan get the hell out of here the count is horrible”: “Whats that smell?” and “Dan, go play craps.” Dan laid the $200 bet down. My heart sank. I looked at him one more time and said “Dan GO PLAY CRAPS.” He just kind of looked at me and nodded. I still have no idea what he was thinking, but there is nothing that we could of done to stop him. The first round of cards came out, sure enough, we had a 6 (aka one of the worst starting cards you can have). I felt like knocking Dan out. But, our next card was a 5, giving us 11 (aka one of the best positions you can be in). The dealer was showing a 5. We were in the drivers seat. I knew from my week of studying the odds of blackjack, this hand was in the bag.

We didn’t have enough money to double down on our eleven, so we just hit. Got a 9, which brought our total to 20. YES DAN! The dealer flipped over his second card showing a 7. Ok, ok. We were one 10 or face card away from being rich. I was already dividing up the profits in my head. My heart was beating faster in anticipation of our amazing victory. I love this feeling.

The dealer flipped over a 9. The only card in the deck that could beat us. ahhhhhhhhh… All the blood drained from my head and I started to shake. We had just lost $200. I felt sick. I looked up at Shaan and over at Dan and just shook my head. I cashed in the whopping $15 I had in my stack and stormed away. The only thought in my head was whether I should go port or starboard to throw Dan overboard…

Later on we regrouped. Talked it out. And 5 minutes later we were laughing and joking about how stupid we had been and were even planning out how we could get our revenge by playing some craps.

You know what? That might be the best thing about our team. I honestly think there is nothing that can be thrown at us that could knock us off track. Sure, there have been, and will be many obstacles in this mission we are on. Sure, we’ll make mistakes and some bad decisions. But, if we can keep our unwavering persistence and stay true to who we are, I see no reason we won’t find success one way or the other.

That’s all for today. Vegas, be warned, we are on the way…Oh wait! Also, while we’re in Vegas Shaan and I are going to continue The Duel. Click right here to post your suggestions for some Vegas challenges!



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