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Wow. One of the greatest trips of all time. We all made it back alive and even have a little extra money in the bank. I promise to tell all. None of this  What happens in Vegas crap the kids say these days.


Fly out of the Loveland/ Ft. Collins airport on the world renowned Allegiant Airlines. For those of you out there who don’t know about it, Allegiant is the best way to get to Vegas. $50-roundtrip to the city of lights? Done deal.


Smoothest flight attendant ever chimes in with some words of wisdom: “Turn those drinks into shots, it’s time to land folks. And remember What happens in Vegas = stays …on YouTube. If you’re coming on vacation don’t wind up on probation.”


We discover a deal called the Buffet of Buffets… 40 bucks and all you eat at any buffet for 24 hours. Sounds less like a deal and more like a challenge.

6 lbs of crab legs. 5 plates of prime rib. 8 dishes of dessert leads to a massive food coma. Touche buffet.


Rolled out of the buffet and walk to the sports book. We told the bookie we were going to make a bet. Then walked away. Then came back. Then left again. Then we couldn’t decide.  Just kidding, we didn’t pull a Brett Farve…but we did bet on the Vikings…


Farve leads the Vikings to an overtime win!! We collect our winnings and stuff them into our Wranglers in honor of Farve.


Head for our favorite place in Vegas. Oshea’s Casino. It’s just a small hole in the wall located on the strip. During our last trip to Sin City we absolutely cleaned house at this amazing joint. As soon as I saw the sign I just felt happy, it was like visiting a long lost friend. We found our place on the craps table.


Leave Oshea’s with our wallets full and a craps table that’s still rockin’. Although our bets were worth less than the loose change in your couch right now, we were celebrating louder with each lucky roll of the dice than anyone else in O’Sheas. The energy was contagious, and the highlight of the night was a 45-minute roll by the one and only Scarf Man (you will never be forgotten my friend).




Alarm. Ugghhhh. Hit snooze.


Finally get up and dressed for our big day at the Restaurant Finance Conference.


We get checked in and hear an awesome panel about different ways to market a concept. There were representatives from Chipotle, Five Guys Burgers and Burger King. It was awesome hearing how a lot of our ideas go right in line with what these big time companies are trying to do. After the panel we chased down the CFO of Chipotle to have a chat. He loved what we are trying to do and was impressed with our vision. He told us that we are doing everything right, that the attention to detail, energy and enthusiasm is all there to make this thing work. He said that he would be out in Colorado later on to check out our progress. YES!  Jack Hartung, you are the man.


Amazing lunch washed down with some Red Bull. Almost got sucked into buying a Vegas timeshare for the low price of $19 a month for the next 10 years!!!


Finished up doing the mental math on the Timeshare and quickly excused ourselves from the crafty salesman.


Our friend Jen receives the best text message ever from her dad telling her to take us out to Nobu (one of the most famous sushi restaurants in the world) on him. Jen’s dad Marc has been one of the most supportive people for us throughout this adventure. He was one of the first people we bounced our idea off and, because he was in Durham a lot working on business, had the opportunity to see our concept grow throughout our years at Duke. Having such successful people offering their knowledge and advice has been one of the major keys to our success. Thanks Marc!


We walked through the doors of Nobu and it felt like we were stepping into another world. Little did we know we were about to embark on the most amazing dining experience of our lives…

Sorry people. I gotta cut this one off. Part 2 is coming tomorrow with dinner at Nobu/the Effiel Tower, more wisdom from the conference, and video footage from Vegas!






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