A letter to all the scrappers

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dear Scrapper,

You are the reason that things work. You make shit happen. People fear you because a scrapper cannot be defeated. You are everywhere. You can be found in office buildings and schools, on teams, on stage at open mic night or painting masterpieces in your garage. You might never get the glory or recognition that you deserve, but you keep busting your ass and because of that you will always be great. I see you and respect the hell out of you. Stay hungry and keep doing what you do.



  1. Ashkia S. from basketball at KQA says:

    Hey Trevor,

    Well I have met all of you but i cant remember all of your names!=D

    Anyways, you guys are amazing fighting for your restaurant…not giving up… and i cant believe how much will power you all have… I will have to come into the restaurant to check it out when its open!
    Thank you trevor for being the best b-ball coach in the whole world! Cant wait for next season!
    you nguys r amazing and keep doing what you do! lol =D

  2. Kia says:

    My summer’s going really good actually….I play basketball with my friends all the time……Ya I think its coming along pretty nicely. Are you definitely coaching next season?

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