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Yesterday we asked people on the facebook page to send in suggestions for things they’d want us to talk about in the blog. Our girl Gina posted the age old interview question “where do you see yourself in 5 years.” While trying to figure out what to talk about via gchat we ended up summing it up better than any blog post could so here it is the entire discussion in it’s entirety:
2:22 PM Trevor: alright
  blog topic
  where are we going to be in 5 years..posted by gina on the fanpage
2:23 PM Daniel: interesting
 2:24 PM Trevor: we’re putting this whole thread up so don’t say anything stupid
2:25 PM Shaan: haha – I think that we’ll either be in a position where sabi doesn’t work, and we lived a crazy life for a couple of years working on it….or we actually pull this thing off
  I can’t predict which one it’ll be, but I’m cool either way
2:26 PM Daniel: I’m hoping by then we have a few Sabi’s up and running, and we are in the position of coming up with awesome additions to the concept – making sure it never becomes another stale restaurant once we’re not working in it
2:27 PM Daniel: assuming we can pull it off – the hardest part is going to be to find passionate people to grow the brand
2:28 PM Trevor: man i think it’s going to work …people are going to love it! i’m thinking that in 5 years we will have thought of something…some game changing shit that people will copy…like the first guy to use digital menus..or the first drive through
  i think because we have no restaurant experience
  we’re looking at it from a totally new point of view
  and something we come up with is going to be big
  and i want them to all copy it
  and i want it to be known we were the first
2:29 PM Shaan: 5 years is a long time…just think of how much we’ve learned over the past 6 months doing this
looking back on it, we were idiots
  and I’m sure 6 months from now..we’ll say the same thing
 2:30 PM Daniel: yeah, i’m sure what we think is right now is about 200% wrong
2:31 PM Shaan: but that means that in 5 years – we’re going to know all the little shit that we’re learning the hard way right now (leasing, operations, legal, accounting etc..)
 2:31 PM Trevor: i dont think that everything we think is wrong
 Shaan: and we can focus on the things that are going to make Sabi special once we know the basics
 2:31 PM Daniel: yeah, once the store is open the things we can only guess about now will be WAY easier
 me: i think we just figure out better ways to do things..and what we can pull off and what we cant
2:32 PM Shaan: I just hope we’re not weird, bitter, cynical dudes in 5 years
 Daniel: weird restaurant industry people
  let’s not become them
 Shaan: I prefer having hope and belief in ourselves
 Trevor: hahaha dan is going to be a weathered old sailor
 Daniel: hahaha
2:33 PM Trevor: yeah man you’re right
  a lot of people talk about having the energy and passion now
  and thats easy
  the idea is young
  we’re young
  but the key is to still have that edge down the line
2:34 PM Daniel: working in the restaurant day in and day out will wear us down…but we have to remember the passion we had when we started it
  I think that’s where a lot of concepts have lost focus
2:35 PM Shaan: that’s why i like that our mantra is do what you do
  because when you’re doing what you love, it doesn’t wear you energizes you
 every single morning, I want to wakeup, loving my life
 Trevor: how could you not love waking up each morning and thinking…how can i make MY project kill it today
  having something that is yours is so huge
2:36 PM Shaan: thats what she said.
 Trevor: hahahaha
2:37 PM Trevor: i think this
  its almost impossible to predict where we are going to be in 5 years
  but something we can control is how we think and approach things
  and we can all agree the key is to still have our edge
  the hunger
  and the commitment to endless creativity
  that we talked about in the manifesto
  if we have that
  the rest will take of itself.
2:38 PM Daniel: yeah, and like shaan was saying before – even if it didn’t work out, I’m sure it will have been some of the best 5 yrs of our lives
2:39 PM Shaan: that’s true
  and if all else fails
  we’re really good at giving ourselves pep talks
  so that’s a plus
  Shaan: haha seriously tho – this is the key
  I can’t see steve ells or the guys from noodles sitting aroung on G-chat
  bullshitting about their life 5 yrs from now
2:41 PM Trevor: you’re completely right
  having the damn vision always at the forefront ..not being scared to tell people about it
  not being scared to say that is our goal
  and just going for it
2:42 PM Shaan: exactly.
  so in conclusion
  5 years from now…we have no idea what’s going to happen
  but lets do it
  lets do it our way
  and we’ll have no regrets
2:43 PM Trevor: there you go Gina..thanks for the suggestion!
 if you guys have any more ideas send them in!
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