The Top 50

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

(In case you missed part one of the Annual Sabi Rewind – #’s 150-51 )

50. Lived in a 5-Star Casino 8 days out of every month for free.

49. Prepared sushi for Daryl from The Office and Hurley from Lost.

48. Won an all-expense-paid trip to China from

47. One of us got into a relationship.

46. One of us ended a relationship.

45. One of us stayed in a relationship.

44. Spent Thanksgiving on an Indian Reservation.

43. Hijacked a lecture at CU and threw a Flash Fashion Show (Stop removing our video Cee Lo – just chill!).

42.  Got a rap song written about us!!! ( Weezy better be lookin out for Toon )

41. Bought a mouse that successfully predicted 80% of the March Madness Sweet 16 games.

40. Sat and miserably watched a TV Show that was made for us, that we missed the audition deadline for by one month.

39. Wrote a song for Ke$ha…still waiting to hear back.

38. Were this |          | close to packing up everything and moving to Australia to start the restaurant there.

37. Went shot for shot with the only Master Sake Sommelier EVER in the United States – the one, the only, Mr. Yuji Matsumoto

36. Stayed in a $19 dollar a night hotel …twice. (and lived to tell the story)

35. Tried to negotiate a restaurant buyout. We valued their space at approx: $60,000…. they wanted $270,000.

34. Above location is now on the market for $50,000

33. Officially got a Trademark.

32. Learned how to use twitter.

31. Took a shot on a little known manufacturer in China for a 1,000 piece merchandise order.

30. Shared a cab with a stripper named Autumn.

29. Gave inspiring lectures at a High School, Duke and CU.

28. Played football with an awesome little kid.

27. Hit rock bottom.

26. Showed you A Day In The Life of a Startup…our 24-hour live blog.

25. Cried.

24. Taught sushi class to 8-year old girls in L.A.

23. Got heckled by a stand-up comedian.

22. Got a crash course in being a lawyer, accountant, real estate broker, contractor, web designer, photographer, advertiser, and chef.

21. Became friends with Ben and Jerry over a pint of Cherry Garcia.

20. Had the pleasure of becoming friends with an amazing artist – Armando Silva (get familiar).

19. Went to a Buddhist prayer session.

18. Cut a deal…in a hot tub…on a mountain. BOOM.

17. Fired someone 😦

16. Learned the Art of Meetings.

15. Were approached for a TV show on the Canadian Food Network.

14. Traded marketing ideas with a NY Times Best Seller over the phone.

13. Fell for a ponzi scheme about Acai Berries.

12. Hired 7 awesome interns.

11. Received a Cease & Desist threat against our company.

… Look out for the top 10 highlights of the past year coming FRIDAY!

  1. Mark says:

    what could possibly be left in the top 10?!

  2. ZEEbo says:

    #42! The song is sick guys. Nice.

  3. Stacy says:

    Hurray for #45! 🙂

  4. Sarah N says:

    #39! I want to hear it!

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