Sabi Annual Rewind : THE TOP 10

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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In case you missed #150-51, or the top 50 :

As you can tell, the year’s been crazy. We’ve had several successes, failures, and most importantly – some life changing adventures. You’ll notice that “opened our first restaurant” isn’t on the list…and trust me, we’re working hard everyday to make that happen – but I wouldn’t trade any of the things on this list for that to happen. Each of these situations has shaped us, taught us, and provided us with life experiences. At the end of the day that’s what Sabi’s about – it’s more than a restaurant, its an experience.

Without further ado – the TOP 10:

10. Yea…this is a repeat – but did i mention that we’re IN A RAP SONG!

9. Traded restaurant theories with the #2 guy in Chipotle.

8. Realized that resilience, not intelligence, is the key to being an entrepreneur.

7. Traveled to Atlanta, Vegas, NYC, Austin and China for free in the name of business

6. Watched a genius at work designing the restaurant

5. Found our first do what you do’er

4. Learned a lot.

3. Realized we have a lot more to learn.

2. Had life changing conversations with Chef Phillip Yi at our L.A. Bootcamp

1. ________________  (Reserved for “opened the restaurant.”)

Thanks for reading guys! It’s been a crazy year – your support is what gets us through the ups and downs!

the men of sabi

  1. Jack says:

    honored to be a part of the list! Best of luck this year fellas!

  2. amy owens says:

    I can’t even remember 150 things I did this year… but thats why I have you guys!!!

  3. Kristin W says:

    I love you guys!!

  4. Ross Anderson says:

    Good work guys. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens these next few years! Good luck Sabi!

  5. […] not the full story. It doesn’t talk about the crazy things we’ve done this past year, the amazing people we’ve met,  sushi bootcamp in Los Angeles, or how we thought of the […]

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