Do What You Do – Armando Silva

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

{Do What You Do}

It is more than just our slogan. It has become the foundation of everything we do both with the restaurant and in life. For the past year we’ve been on the lookout for people who have a special talent, a passion or love for something that they do. Our goal is to meet as many of these people as possible, hear their story and help them in anyway that we can. We believe that there are people everywhere – an up and coming rapper in Durham, an architect in Boston or a little kid in WY who wants to become a baseball player – who are living examples of the do what you do mentality.

Last week we had the honor to watch Armando Silva do what he does. In just 4 days this amazing artist completed one of the most impressive murals I have ever seen. A 40 ft Einstein in the middle of Greeley, CO. I can honestly say it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I mean the guy had never used spray paint before he was forced to do it for this masterpiece (he didn’t like the way the normal paint was working with the texture of the brick wall). Everyone thought he was crazy when he said he was going to do the whole thing, solo, in just 4 days. He’s never done anything like this, so on paper, he had no reason to believe that he could pull it off either. Maybe that’s why we respect him so much. He’s fearless and chases his dreams with no excuses.
Check out the video below.

The Backstory: 

For those of you who’ve been following our story, you remember that when we first came out to Colorado, we weren’t in Denver or Boulder…we were in Greeley, CO. It’s a town best known for its thick constant stank due to the slaughterhouses that populate the town. While we were there, we wanted to help Trevor’s Aunt Patti sell her signature craft-bottles at an arts & crafts fair – and while we were out peddling bottles, we noticed a huge crowd gathering around one man.

I wandered over to his station, and caught my first glimpse of Armando – headphones in, jammin’ out, dancin’ and painting a huge picture of Ray Charles.

I’d never seen anything like it. It took him just 10 minutes from start to finish, and half the time he was dancing! The colors blew me away. So fresh.  I loved that he could create funky art without it looking like someone had a seizure while holding a brush. This guy was awesome, and I had to find out more about his story. Well it turns out, his story is incredible. He’s 24 years old, super talented, constantly gives back to the community through his murals and dance classes – and is willing to risk everything to follow his passion. He’s a do what you do’er in every sense of the word – and has become a great friend of ours.

Armando, it’s been a pleasure my man thank you for letting us be a part of the adventure, can’t wait for the next project! Keep doing what you do!

-The Sabi Boys

  1. Jeff says:

    that was amazing…do what you do man!

  2. Corina H says:

    via Facebook

  3. Jeff A. says:

    Ur amazing mijo! Cant believe this is the same 16 i met not so long ago. What a talent u have become and keep up the positive attitude and positive message
    via Facebook

  4. Taylor R says:

    Do what you do Armando, cause you do it great!
    via Facebook

  5. Cynthia M. says:

    Amazing!!! Proud of you!
    via Facebook

  6. Albert V. says:


  7. Steve F. says:

    do what you do AJ that is incredible…. keep it up pal say hello to your family.
    via Facebook

  8. Fernando M. says:

    This is cool , i’m going to post this video for my friends AJ.
    via Facebook

  9. Lynette S. says:

    via Facebook

  10. Brittany D. says:

    via Facebook

  11. Nelson R. says:

    Great work. Sigue adelante.

  12. Caden A. says:

    this is super super sick, you’re an extremely talented man and i enjoy seeing your murals through out greeley.

  13. Courtney A. says:

    AWESOME!! Its so good to see people appreciating your work! You SERIOUSLY are amazing!! congrats!
    via Facebook

  14. Jared B. says:

    ummmmm yes. yes yes
    via Facebook

  15. Sydney H. says:

    So inspiring.
    via Facebook

  16. Trevor R. says:

    8:08 Armando is the King!!

  17. Jackie E. says:

    This video just makes me a proud kid in greeley that doesnt hate living here as much…..I’m not only inspired but proud to say that you teach me everything I know. (I’m not just talking about my dance moves either!)
    via Facebook

  18. Tee says:

    it’s crazy, you’ve inspired me to genuinely follow my dreams and be fearless in a matter of seconds! you are doing big things! good luck!

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