Finding the “One Simple Thing”

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The obvious question – why did you do this? You stayed up all night to draw? Is this marketing? branding? were you high?

You see, Chris Colbert from Holland-Mark asked us this morning – what’s your “One Simple Thing”? Even as finalists in THE largest start-up competition in the world, few of us start-ups could honestly say we had a good answer for our one simple thing. How pathetic is that?

This bothered me. A lot. Around mid-night Dan and I were talking about it, and we realized we were over thinking it. We may not know what Sabi’s “One Simple Thing” is going to be down the road, but we know what it has been so far in our journey. Being bold and attacking life. These are things that we’ve lived by as founders our whole lives, be it on stage, on the court, or in the conference room. From the day we found our chef on TV, to the list of crazy events we’ve been through this past year – our “company culture” (as each speaker has preached about) is about Doing What We Do, as boldly as we can do it.

You may notice us rockin the DWYD Wristbands...if you want one, say the word

After meeting 100s of other finalists, hearing 8 CEOs speak, and filling up two journal’s worth of notes and ideas  in just two days- I knew realized that with all this noise, two things had to happen.
First, we need to truly internalize and appreciate all the speakers, their quotes of wisdom, and all these brilliant entrepreneurs competing around us. Second, the companies that are serious about making an impact need to show it, not just talk about it – no matter what it takes. So that’s what we did.
This wall is full of the teams we’ve met so far, the quotes we’ve heard along the way, and anything else that’s made our Mass Challenge boot-camp experience. It’s been great, but also overwhelming. Now we can either shrink from it, and cower at the new information, new people, and new challenges we face – or we had to stay true to who we are, do something bold, and attack this challenge the best way we know how – all out.


It ain’t simple, but its damn sure our thing.

The Men of Sabi.

  1. Sheryl says:

    The time lapse is freaking sweet!

  2. J23mack says:

    Do What You Do Fellas – this is awesome – inspiring as always

  3. ahv35 says:

    Very cool guys

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