[ MC # 2 ] – An Actual Letter to Our Board of Advisors

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

day 1 of the Mass Challenge.

The Mass Challenge got off to a great start, with John Harthorne (Founder of the MC) leading off his welcoming address to this year’s class of finalists. He had a ton of great advice, mostly centered around the fact that the $1,000,000 prize pool is a tease. It’s their “bread crumb” to get all of us teams from around the world to congregate in Boston for the MC summer accelerator program.

As he continued to talk about the importance and value of mentors, and forming a Board of Advisors, I realized that I hadn’t spoken with our Sabi “Muscle” (the Board of Advisors) in quite some time. It seemed as though the relationship had been falling apart, and that circumstances (setbacks caused us to delay writing to them –> causing them to drift further away) had intervened. That’s when John said a line in his keynote speech:

Circumstance is optional. Success is in overcoming. By being the cause, rather than the effect.

As a start-up, its easy to let adversity dictate your actions. But the way I see it, you’ve already jumped in the ice cold water..might as well start thrashing around in it, to make sure you stay afloat. It’s not graceful, its not efficient, so why do you do it? Because you need to…as Paul Graham (Godfather of Y-Combinator)- was a start-up all we need to do is figure out, How to Not Die”:

Without further ado, the actual letter I wrote to our Board of Advisors (censored for sensitive info)

And…THIS is why I love my board. Even after sending the letter at 11pm EST, responses come rolling in within 25 minutes. I haven’t run many companies, but I can’t imagine that this kind of unwavering support is common.


  1. Anonymous says:

    nice letter to your advisors, epically written. especially about the embarassment part, takes some balls to do that. gl

  2. Randeep says:

    Keep up the good work coz. Hope things work out with that goddamn lease!
    via facebook

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