Desperation Leads to Innovation

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

4pm on a Sunday afternoon.

The MGMT Pandora station was blaring through my headphones as I sat at my desk figuring out a sweet design for the cups in our restaurant. I felt the air rush into the room as the door opened and closed…

“We’re f&$%ed” said Dan as him and Shaan entered the room.

Now, working in a start-up for the last year has done a lot of things for me, some good some bad. One of which is the acceptance of the phrase “we’re f&$%ed.” In fact, I hear this phrase so much on daily basis that I have become totally immune to it’s affects.

However, today was different. They seriously both looked shocked, scared and disgusted like they had just seen Rosie O’donnell in a swimsuit competition. What the hell could have happened?

They informed me that as of 12pm the next day we would be homeless. Apparently there was a miscommunication between us and the apartment office, but they had leased our place to someone else and there was “nothing they could do about it.”

Hmmm I’d say that rates pretty high on the f&$%ed scale. In less than 24 hrs we had to pack and clean every inch of our apartment and find another place to stay. We were forced into action, our only hope was to divide and conquer. Dan hit Craigslist like a madman, Shaan was on the phone with friends trying to find a place for us to crash and I started cleaning with a fervor that would make my momma proud.

Within an hour Dan had set up 3 showings in Denver, and I had destroyed the blob like creature growing under our refrigerator drawers. Looking back it was pretty fun working like this. Nobody was freaking out, we were all just going for it, cause we had to!

I moved in on the bathroom as Shaan and Dan sped off towards Denver to see the potential places.

Exactly 85 minutes later, with one arm elbow deep in the toilet, I received a text from Dan: “Laundry room. Big kitchen. 3 bedrooms. Swimming pool. Next to a golf course. A/C. $300 less than we’re paying now. YOU WANT OR NOT?” “YESSSIR!!” was my eloquent reply.

10 minutes later they had signed the lease, paid the deposit as well as our first months rent, and I headed out to pick up our UHaul.

I won’t bore you with the rather uneventful night of packing, so lets fast forward to the end…Oh wait… I’m not going to mention any names, but one of us may or may not have crashed the UHaul into another UHaul while parking it (good thing we got the insurance!)

1pm the next day

We were in our new home a far better place than we were just the day before. It took a lot of work and some luck to make it happen but we had done it. It’s amazing how short deadlines can spur tremendous action and innovation. For the past few weeks we had been looking for a place in Denver but nothing had really worked out. But, when the deadline was enforced by our landlord we had to act, there was no other option.

Lesson of the day: Set short deadlines and go like hell to make them, good things will happen.


  1. Anonymous says:

    You probably live like kings compared to this guy

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