Opening Day.

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today was two years coming.

Today was two years spent, brainstorming, designing, laughing, pitching, learning, yelling, wondering what the hell we’re supposed to be doing to make this work.

Today was launch day, and it was unbelievable. I’m too exhausted so I won’t get to go into detail with everything that happened (will do that this weekend). I’m exhausted because its 3:41 a.m. and I’m not done writing personal thank-you notes to everyone who ordered today, and because the day started by waking up at 6 a.m….wide-awake. Just thinking.

I wasn’t especially excited about what was going to happen, or nervous that everything would fall apart. Maybe that’s just how things are when you’ve actually poured everything you have into a project like this. You aren’t worried because you know you gave it everything you had, and that’s always going to be enough.

I woke-up, and instead of rushing to get to the million things we had to do in order to be ready for our launch, I just thought for a bit. Thought about how this all started (trying sushi for the first time 2 years ago, and falling in love with it), about when it first started to become real (winning the Duke Start-Up Challenge), about when we hit rock bottom (living in a basement in Greeley, CO), about meeting and training with our Chef/Big brother Phillip Yi, about the big change in our concept, and about today – a day that’s been too long coming.

It took a damn miracle by our godsend Frank LoVecchio for us to even have our website up in time (full story on that is coming this weekend), and although we had a few bugs with the system (sorry all Internet Explorer users…you really need to upgrade to Safari/Firefox/Google Chrome to see our incredible website.), overall things couldn’t have gone better:

Trevor and Dan were killing it on the sushi line, nailing every order on time. Jen, who’s been incredible helping us through this whole experience, all the way from taking/editing our awesome food pictures, to staying in the kitchen with us past 2am doing dishes, was taking orders and keeping our whole delivery system running. Sam, our latest member to the team, fresh off leaving a job many people would kill to get (investment banking in NY), was driving the car, manning the phones, keeping customers happy, us organized, and kicking ass all along the way…you’d think he’s been here 4 years, not just 4 days. And Sarah, a girl we hired today (yes, her first hour of work was also the first hour of the company…) stepped right in and immediately started not just contributing, but actually making us better. I don’t care whether its landing the Apollo space-shuttle, or delivering food downtown…there’s something about being a part of a team that’s firing on all cylinders that’s undeniably special. When everyone embraces their duty, and tries to do it better than its ever been done – that’s when you win. That’s when do what you do makes a whole lot of sense as our motto.

Anyways, here’s the bottom line. The day went great. First and foremost, people loved the food and packaging. Our very first customer ever, Matt, actually came back downstairs an hour later and ordered more of our spicy tuna bites because he was craving them. I’ll take that as a good sign.

Someone also tipped off the Westword that we opened up shop (even though we wanted to keep it under the radar, as a soft opening) – and they put up a great article about us! Full story here!

time to get to sleep. Orders start coming in for day2 in 5 hours!






  1. Stacy's Dad says:


    Sabi Sushi is to the restaurant business what the late Hunter Thompson (who lived in Colorado) was to journalism– “gonzo sushi”!

    On the edge, best quality, hip, personal, stream of consciousness, high energy, right at the deadline…

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