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Great Friday in the world of Sabi. We broke our speed-record for rolls per hour while jamming to great music in the kitchen (You know how the kitchen crew does it: Classic Rock Fridays).

Before we head out for some afternoon tennis and a Friday night out on the town, I thought I’d leave you with a few gems.  A video of our latest guerilla marketing campaign, and the feedback from today’s customers.

the video 


the feedback – as always, these are real emails from real customers.

I’m just finishing my first meal from Sabi Suishi and wanted to give you guys Kudos.  The delivery guy arrived right on time and refused to accept a tip because “exceptional service comes standard.”  I started with the spicy tuna bites and immediately regretted not ordering more.  These tiny bites packed a powerful, savory flavor and were the highlight of the meal.  I’ll definitely be ordering the roll version next time.  The Crunchy roll lived up to its name and paired perfectly with the sauce that it came with.  It wasn’t as spicy as I anticipated from the description but I was able to get it to the perfect level with the wasabi.I hope the feedback helps.  Thanks for a great meal!  – Brian

Food really was great, fresh  and fast.  I’m a sushi snob, but this was definetly up to par.  Thanks! – William

thats it for us, see you next week!



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