The Sabi Story

We’ll Keep It Simple:

We’re 3 guys that have been roommates since freshman year at Duke University. We tried sushi for the first time when we were 20 years old….and became nothing short of addicted. But we had a problem, it was either too slow and expensive in a restaurant, or horrible quality in the boxed, to-go variety. We decided there had to be a better way, and set out to make that happen.

We made it our mission to create a restaurant unlike any other. This meant breaking down the restaurant process, one step at a time, and asking – how can we do this better? From the food, service, design, music, all the way to somehow incorporating the game of Plinko into our operations – we wanted to do this restaurant our way. The fact that we had no restaurant experience helped us start with a blank slate – we took nothing for granted, and didn’t recycle any ideas from other restaurants unless we loved the way they worked.

But we had a problem…we didn’t know a thing about sushi.

After interviewing countless unimpressive sushi chefs locally, we happened to be flipping through TV channels one day when we saw Food Network favorite, Chef Phillip Yi out of L.A. We were so inspired by his mastery of the craft and charisma on the show, that we called him up moments after the show ended. Luckily – he answered the phone, and the rest is history.

We lived and trained with Phillip all summer. We won over $40,000 in cash and prizes in business plan competitions. This has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of our lives…and we haven’t even opened up shop yet. This is our story, this is our journey. We want to share it with you – the true story of starting a business with no money and no experience. Think of this like a diary, except much more manly.

Glad to have you Rollin’ With Sabi

-The Boys

  1. […] Sabi Sushi – Aims to become the Chipotle of Sushi by bringing a traditionally “slow and expensive” or “quick and low quality” sushi experience mainstream by redefining the category through store design, food, service, and music. […]

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